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EPiC offers a wide range of programs for people who want to contribute to our community in any capacity. Explore our workshops, classes, and show opportunities here. All classes are free of charge and open to any Redwood student interested.

Beginning Drama

(UC “f”, CSU)

Beginning drama, or drama 1-2, is an entry course into EPiC drama, and counts for an art credit from Redwood High School. This class is for anyone wanting to explore fundamental acting techniques, movement, voice, and script analysis. There is a culminating One Act Festival toward the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters, where we perform after school for friends and family. Join us for an unforgettable journey of theatrical exploration, and make friends along the way! 

When: During 7-period school day

No skill level required. 

Intermediate Drama

(UC “f”, CSU)

Drama 3-4 goes deeper with monologues, scenes, improvisation, children’s theater, and ensemble-based performances. Refine your skills and enjoy the fun of being in a creative and supportive theater community. Prerequisites include Drama 1-2 or consent of the instructor. Performances will be presented to the Redwood community during the One Act Festival, and to various elementary and middle schools in the district on field trips as well.

When: During 7 period school day 

Skill Level Required: 1 year of Beginning Drama 

Advanced Drama

(UC “f”, CSU)

Students in Advanced Drama work together in large and small groups alike learning all aspects of how to run our company while honing their skills in a wide range of topics based on student interest. Such topics include lighting, sound, stage combat, scene study, acting on camera, monologues, playwriting, scene work, movement, and much more. Mainly composed of 11th and 12th grade students, Drama 5-8 is an environment wherein students can determine their identities through theatre, and take initiative on what they wish to do.

Dance Focus

(UC “f”, CSU)

Dance focus is a unique opportunity to let loose after school, dancing with Bay Area professional dance teacher Devin Parker Sullivan, coming direct to you on our campus. Delve into dance styles from Jazz and Hip-Hop to Bhangra and Contemporary Ballet. Fall and spring performances, coupled with rehearsal commitments, offer a dynamic showcase of artistic fusion and collaborative exploration. This unique course, scheduled on Monday evenings, opens the stage to an exploration of movement, expression, and the amazing opportunities to learn from some of the best in the Bay Area. 

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